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We’re about 4 days from being in the shit for the better part of 10 days. And as an entire industry and its admirers descend to Miami we’re ramping up for a sun-filled monster kickoff to festival season with its mind bending pulse thumping sound and debauchery of early morning escapades. Now if we can only get rid of this work thing.

Any who…peeps are heading down to the 305 and with music events out the ass enticing you to go here…go there…do this…do that, it’s kinda hard to tell what to do while you’re in the lovely confines of the Magic City or even who to listen to. That’s why we’re here! To give audio hugs for your ears on some of the sounds coming from this great city of ours.

So for the next 24 hours we’ll be releasing some WMC/MMW mixtape samplers on some musical celebrations we think you should check out, tomorrow we’ll hit ya with our top 10 parties of WMC/MMW, and leave the heavy lifting of Ultra to some of our friends.

It’s about time to strap dem boots on…or furry boots on – it’s a rave party, right? you get the point. Stay tuned.

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