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What starts on March 21st won’t end until sometime early in the morning on March 31st. That is if you’re still standing and alive to recount the story to your friends. Chances are you’ll be too engulfed in that Miami Life to care or remember. So here’s a list on what parties to check out before you hit the fast forward button on your South Beach vacation. Enjoy the vibes.

10. Maya Jane Coles & Friends

Why you should go: Because who doesn’t love seeing a bunch of rad chicks rock some turn-tables. We do!

Ticket Link:

9. Bromance & Friends

Why you should go: They’re French, they play house music and more than likely they’re responsible for all the cool music you listen too. And if you don’t believe us, just check out the rosters on Bromance and Ed Banger Records.

Ticket Link:

8. Social Experiment w/ Art Department

Why you should go: The purveyors of the Social Experiment. They’ve been instrumental in bringing the underground sound out of hiding and what better way to showcase this evolving sound than throw your own party with some other Dj’s you handpicked. Put a star around this one, it’s gonna get funky.

Ticket Link:

7. Loco Dice & Marco Carola b2b Marathon

Why you should go: Space has been know for their 15 hour marathon sets during WMC, this one has all the makings of lasting a long time. As for money well spent, we don’t think it gets any better. Minimal house fans rejoice you’re leaders have arrived!

Ticket Link:

6. Knee Deep In Miami – Hot Since 82

Why you should go: This rising superstar has a stacked festival schedule. He’s not playing Ultra but keeping it sexy and sweaty opting to hit up South Beach’s “Don’t Sit On Your Furniture.” instead. Solid move.

Ticket Link:

5. Paradise Miami

Why you should go: The Hot Creations sound was made for Miami. And their Paradise Miami party has been a mainstay at WMC and a well talked about event for a few years now, even more reason to check them out. Plus this will be where all your cool Dj friends will be.

Ticket Link:

4. Mau5trap vs. Pryda

Why you should go: Well, one’s the Dj everyone loves to hate and the other is pretty much the lost member of Swedish House Mafia. Odds are you can’t go wrong. If this ends up anywhere near the Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin’s B2B set at SXSW in 2013, man are we in for a good night. It’ll be epic regardless.

Ticket Link:

3. Redux Miami

Why you should go: We have a first hand account of a Redux show and it was fucking AMAZING!!! Let’s get deep.

Ticket Link:

2. Last Resort

Why you should go: If you can’t open it you might as well shut this motherf***ker down. And with a line-up this strong Miami’s pulling out all the stops to keep the party going into April. If after Saturday night you still need some more this is where you go.

Ticket Link:

1. Goodtimes Miami

Why you should go: This is like an episode of Super Friends or the Justice League happening right in front of you. How many times in your life can you catch this many quality Dj’s play B2B sets in one place. You can’t sucka! You’ll let yourself and your mom, who taught you better, down if you don’t buy a ticket.

Ticket Link:

Bonus: BNR Records Showcase – Ticket Link:

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