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I couldn’t believe this was true at first, because this is like something out of an Ocean’s 11 or Mission Impossible movie.  However, when NY Magazine starts writing about it, it must be true.  At 4am on Sunday, while most of his friends were probably catching up on Game of Thrones, young Justin Casquejo snuck past 4 different security measures to scale the spire tower of the new WTC.  He then, like all teenagers do, tweeted about it.

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Fact is this shit is ridiculous (because it’s almost not real), awesome (because he actually pulled it off just for the thrill of it) and scary (because what does it say that a 16 y/o can sneak past security that easily in a building that was the site of the biggest terrorist attack in this countries history?).  No matter what way you view it, it’s still an amazing story.  And everyone can be happy to know that they’ve since fired the security guard who “fell asleep” at his post allowing young Justin to slip past him.  But don’t worry people, because, you know now that we’ve got a Red Bull powered guard on duty security breaches are impossible. Ha.

For the complete NY Mag Story by Joe Coscarelli see below:

The $40 million, “fortresslike” security system around the new World Trade Center is apparently not yet functioning at full capacity. Justin Casquejo, a New Jersey teenager enamored with the building, as well as parkour and climbing things he shouldn’t, made it to the spire of the tower around 4 a.m. on Sunday, past at least four layers of security, including a snoozing guard and an awake-but-ineffective elevator operator. “A long way from home,” he tweeted just before 1 a.m. that night, the message sent from lower Manhattan.

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(Along with maybe limiting his middle-of-the-night adventures, an adult should probably make Justin cool it on social media, or at least set his profiles to private.)

On March 16, Casquejo allegedly crawled through a hole in the fence, took the elevator to the 88th floor sans I.D., and then took the stairs to the 104th floor before slipping onto the roof. “He came here and he ran hog wild,” a worker told the New York Post. The elevator operator has reportedly been reassigned and the guard fired.

“We continue to reassess our security posture at the site and are constantly working to make this site as secure as possible,” said Port Authority chief security officer Joseph Dunne in a statement.

Casquejo was charged with misdemeanor trespassing and told friends on Twitter that he was without his phone. “I’ll explain tomorrow,” he wrote, while also retweeting messages of support with the hashtag #FREEJUSTIN.

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