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Today’s SOTD hails from electronic artist Robert Delong. The song is called “Perfect” and it’s from Delong’s 2013 album, Just Movement. The song has got a great groove to it and an uplifting vibe. Like most popular EDM music, the beat pulsates throughout and makes you want to dance. Delong is heavily influenced by alternative and indie artists and I can hear that side of him throughout “Perfect.” There is a certain tenderness to this song that’s inviting to the ears. It doesn’t seem to be trying to hard. Delong definitely lets the song settle and find it’s comfort zone. The blended vocals and harmonies from the two lead vocalists work very well together against the synthesized backdrop. This is a good song and one that should definitely leave a smile on your face after listening. And dude looks like a younger Win Butler of Arcade Fire. They are dead ringers for one another. That alone gets him some love on SOTD. Gotta give it up to Win and the Arcade Fire crew.   Enjoy “Perfect,” today’s SOTD from Robert Delong.





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