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Last week the internet went crazy when a 16 y/o snuck past security and took photos from the new World Trade Center Tower Spire,  but I think the bar for crazy illegal behavior surrounding the WTC has just been raised.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.45.13 AM

Apparently, in September 2013, 3 guys snuck past security and filmed the following video of them base jumping off the tower.  It’s absolutely awesome watching the all glass building rush past them and then seeing the view of Manhattan as they float to down to the base of the tower on the West Side Highway.  The video of this jump was posted yesterday after the 3 base jumpers and their spotter were arrested by NYC Police.  Apparently some security cameras caught their getaway vehicle on the West Side Highway as it picked up the jumpers.  The real question is, however, who the hell is doing security at the WTC?  Apparently, this $40 million security system is really just a guard who you only have to time his bathroom breaks to scoot past to get to the roof.  It’s almost as fool proof a system as the TSA’s questions before boarding a plane, “Are you carrying any explosive devices?”… “Yes, I mean no. no.  Damn, they always get me with that question.”

James Brady, 32, Andrew Rossig, 33, Marco Markovich, 27, and their get away drive, Kyle Hartwell, 29 were all arrested, and then decided to post the video.  James Brady, who ironically was placed as an iron worker on the WTC in the fall, says that if the video generates any money via advertising they’ll donate it to charities for families of victims of 9/11.  But, honestly – who cares?  People can’t be mad at these guys, because the security system sucks.  Granted what they did was illegal, but in the end it was just an extreme sports stunt.  Chill, just a bit.

Anyway, now that we know they weren’t terrorists, let’s just sit back and enjoy this awesome video!

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