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The Mary Timony Sessions | Tuesday Mixtape



In the everyday speed of culture, we often get caught up in the circus. The circus for us being bands with huge followings or instant pop sensations that suddenly, subtly invade our daily space. Too often we neglect the consistent artist. The day to day grinder, the person contributing to their respective scenes driven by the mere motive to be great in their craft and always artistically pushing the envelope. Insert Mary Timony.

She may not be a household name to you, but she’s not only earned her stripes, but is been elevating the musicians around her for what is decades now. And it’s these musicians that push culture forward. Coming to us from our Nation’s capitol, she’s been hitting the scene strong with genius tendencies since she was a teenager.

From that time, it’s been one band after another for her. Her journey is the path of most real musicians, musicians that dedicate entire lives doing and producing what they love. She’s not in your face every second, but she’s never let you down. From Autoclave to Helium, Wild Flag to now (Ex Hex), she continues to layer and influence people with her respectable body of work. We present to you, the Mary Timony Sessions.

The Mary Timony Sessions | A Soul Dynamic Playlist


Click here or above to listen to our Mixtape via Spotify.

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