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Ties are a great accessory to add to your button down to dress it up. A tie is a piece of formal wear in today’s society we associate with a businessman, but are rapidly becoming part of casual everyday style.  They are versatile, and with a variety of tie and knot options, you can add them into any style.  A few tips quick tips on rocking a tie:

If you’re short, you don’t want a wide tie. This will make you look shorter. You want a slim tie (narrow). Pairing a slim tie with a slim suit will make you appear taller because everything is narrow.


Now for the bigger guys; you need to have a tie that has a wider width. A slim/skinny tie will not work you for you. It will not look proportional. Start with the standard tie, which is generally 2.75-3.25” in width.


For the super trendy, you can look into rocking the bow tie in more casual settings.  The bow tie is a classy accessory that everyone can wear in a black tie setting, but adding it into a casual style takes some balls.  However, if you can pull it off, you’ll definitely get some attention for being well dressed and fashion forward.

bow-tie-intro_300x317 tumblr_lutzevsTLe1qib877o1_500

Pictured below is a good rule of thumb when pairing a tie with a button down shirt.



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