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When I was a little kid, it’s hard to put into words how big the WWF (now the WWE) was.  While it may have a larger dollar value today, from a mainstream perspective it was never bigger than the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Every kid, rich or poor, urban or country, watched it and acted out the roles of their selected heroes.  While Hulk Hogan was the biggest star of the time period, I’m not sure any star was any more dynamic than the Ultimate Warrior.  The Warrior was, probably in reality as well, completely insane.  He was 6’3 and 275 lbs, but the way he would charge around the ring looked as though he’d literally been locked in a small cage all day prior to his match.  Few other wrestlers, especially of his size, threw themselves around with such recklessness on such a consistent basis.  He seemingly never existed at a pace slower than “as fast as possible”.  He was a nut, and every single person loved it.  As kids, the Warrior would come out and the house would erupt with kids running around the house.  I can’t tell you how many coffee tables my friends and  I crashed through, with faces fully painted, by jumping off the arm of the sofa.  Our parents hated us.  But that’s just how absolutely magnetic he was.

Yesterday, just two days after being elected to the WWE Hall of Fame, the Ultimate Warrior collapsed while walking to the car with his wife.  When I read that he died I believed supremely that this was just a WWE stunt to get him back into the storyline.  Besides, there were ALWAYS rumors that he had in fact died (of steroid use) and been replaced with an imposter during the 80’s.  But after seeing the story run on ABC news I new it was true.  To commemorate one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time here is an epic video, 80’s hairband music and all, of his greatest moments – including his beating of Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania.  Enjoy


Ultimate Warrior WrestleMania Preview Speech


Ultimate Warrior Hall of Fame Speech

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