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Taking a little trip back in time to 1994 and a groundbreaking album called Dummy by a little band from England named Portishead. I am sitting here playing Dummy at my desk and damn, there are so many bangers on this album, I really don’t know where to begin. “Sour Times,” “Mysterons,” “Numb,” and “Glory Box” are all sure fire winners in my book, but I’m going with the hauntingly beautiful “Roads” as today’s SOTD. Lead vocalist’s Beth Gibbons is just ridic in every way possible. I truly feel like Portishead was ahead of their time. Dummy fits in perfectly with the music of today. And in many ways it’s much better than the stuff that’s out there now. Sometimes you just need to play this album on repeat, especially “Roads.” It’s the perfect SOTD for this Throwback Thursday.

portishead 2008




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