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I spent this morning listening to hip hop rising star Future’s second album Honest this morning. The album has it’s moments, but it’s really hard to listen to Future for a full album. Maybe it’s his voice, or his auto-tuned style, but it gets to be a bit much when listening to it for 30 plus minutes straight. However, one of the highlights from the Honest album is his latest track, “I Won” featuring none other than Kanye West. I appreciate songs when Future is actually rhyming/signing on beat and this beat fits him perfectly. It’s melodic yet also packs a punch. Kanye also drops a dope verse on it. How many songs will you get to hear the line, “Baby we should hit the south of France, so you can run around without dam pants.” None, besides this one. Gotta leave it up to Kanye to have those hilarious one liners. I’m sure this is a joint that you will continue to hear throughout the rest of this spring. Check out today’s SOTD “I Won” and see if you agree with me.





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