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BPM 85 110 = PBR&B | Tuesday Mixtape

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You hear the sound? The noise constantly ringing in those tiny little ears of yours, forever repeating epically smooth R & B and super synthed out electronic beats. Today it’s often referred by many as PBR&B and — it’s everywhere (peep our Future Class One and Two Mixtapes as further evidence to this effect). Spawning from artists spanning Portishead to Banks, Bon Iver to Blood Orange, this shit (good and bad) is effecting our lives! Whether you want to acknowledge it as a legit genre or not, you can’t deny it’s at times intoxicating sounds homies. This was so adequately put into context by Garret Kamps’s Spin article “Rhythm and Snooze,” that inspired this mixtape.

So I ask you this favor: Read the article? It’s fucking good and it’s hella relevant. Then when you’re done, listen to our latest mixtape aptly called “BPM 85 110 = PBR&B.” Mr. Kamps concluded the genre should be named “PBR&BEDMGTFO,” which is hilarious, but I’m thinking “BPM 85 110” has a nice ring to it too. Either way, we agree, there are definitive moments in our current days where this music is just too good to pass up.

Enjoy it, cause we’re not sure how long it will last.

BPM 85 110 = PBR&B | A Soul Dynamic Playlist


Click here or above to listen to our Mixtape via Spotify.

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