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In honor of Throwback Thursday, I could only think of one song for that could be the SOTD on the day of 2014 NFL Draft, and that’s “I’m Still #1” by Boogie Down Productions. This old school classic from one of the most underrated groups in hip hop history immediately came into my head when thinking about songs that had relevance to tonight’s draft. The big question for football fans tonight is who is going to go number 1 in the draft. There has been much speculation about which player will be chosen by the Houston Texans with the number one pick. Will the Texans actually keep the pick? Will they trade out of it? Is it going to be DE Jadaevon Clowney of the University of South Carolina? Or could it be QB Johnny Manziel from Texas Tech? Or Khalil Mack, outside linebacker from the University of Buffalo? It could be none of those players. That is what makes tonight’s draft intriguing. One person that will not be selected is KRS-1, lead vocalist for Boogie Down Productions. BDP’s classic 1988 albumĀ By All Means Necessary put this collective at the forefront of the conscious rap movement that was starting to spring in the late 80’s. KRS-1 would definitely be drafted in the top 10 of all time lyricists. Pretty sure he wouldn’t go number 1 but he swung for the fences with this banger. And the beat of “I’m Still #1” is legendary. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy today’s TBT SOTD from BDP. Damn, that was a lot of letters. Acronyms galore!






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