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Busking #3.1

Who wrote the book of love you ask?

These guys.

The Union Square subway station is basically a cluster fuck at any point of the day, everyday of the week, so on this particular day to see a crowd surrounding a busker was of no surprise to me. I could hear them, but couldn’t see the bodies that carried this underground soul. The amount of people surrounding them was legit, and being that I’m abnormally short for a 31 year old (or almost any age for that matter) made it difficult to see. I had to get closer. What I found: Multiple voices, 6 different dudes and one shared passion…music.

Busking #3.2

They were The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and James Brown all rolled into a super group. The perfect mix of Motown swag. What was most appealing about them was that they didn’t just sing the “Book of Love,” they felt it and made you feel it too. They danced, interacted with the crowd and sang like they were on the big stage.

I wasn’t able to stick around for another song but there were people invested for more, they were there for the encore. And as I walked away grinning, smiling like I had just seen one of New York’s coolest secrets revealed, I couldn’t help being jealously happy for those I left behind.

Busking #3

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