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So apparently, this weekend, Johnny Football flew out to Vegas to party it up with his boy Rob Gronkowski, and ESPN and sports analysts everywhere seem to be up in arms about it.

“This is exactly why people were afraid of drafting him in the first round”

“I’d be afraid every time he has a free weekend he’s going to be flying to Vegas to party it up”

“Is this is really the guy you want leading your football franchise?”


Seriously ESPN?  Seriously Mark Brunell?  You’re gonna get mad that on Memorial Day Weekend, MDW ’14, Johnny Football went to Encore Beach Club to party?  You’re going to get mad that he had some drinks 4 months before the season?  You’re going to say he’s not a leader because he wanted to ball out a little bit on his HOLIDAY weekend?

Anyone who has a problem with Johnny football being out at the Wynn for MDW are fucking hypocrites and idiots.   Let me tell you why:

  1. It’s the Off Season:  We’re not in season, we’re not even in the pre-season.  We’re 7 weeks from camp and 4 months from the season.  I’m pretty sure Johnny can recover from his MDW hang over by the time summer camp starts.
  2. It’s MDW!:  MDW is possibly the biggest party weekend of the year because it’s the first weekend of summer.  When you’re in your 20’s there is nothing bigger than throwing a huge BBQ, or heading to a beach/lake house, or if you can swing it, heading out to Vegas.  You must have forgotten.
  3. You didn’t forget:  You know how I know you guys didn’t forget?  Because you old people are partying too!  What you don’t think your beach house parties and golf trips with the dads count?  F’ That.  Even investment bankers (see Wolf of Wall Street) with families are heading out to the Hampton’s to rage all weekend… and you know what?  They have work on Tuesday not in August.Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.32.05 AM
  4. He’s 21:  People go to Vegas and get drunk when you’re 21.  It’s not just OK, it’s NORMAL.  He’s not raging out of control, he’s being a normal 21 year old.  Don’t ask me how either, but when you’re 21 hangovers don’t even phase you.  I guarantee you Manziel could have, and maybe even did, get up and get a workout in this morning.  I used to get up and run 5 miles on zero sleep every morning, even when I was partying in Vegas.  Oh wait and I wasn’t even a highly conditioned pro-athlete
  5. He’s not the only NFL Player doing it:  Just like he wasn’t the only Aggie partying it up during college, he’s not the only NFL player out at Vegas for MDW.  In fact, Gronk was out WITH him.  But trust me, 75% of the NFL was out partying too, it’s just no one cares enough to put their picture on TMZ.  Oh and it doesn’t hurt that JF is actually cool enough to pose for photos with anyone who asks.
  6. He’s from Texas:  While it’s not necessarily Friday Night Lights, Texas and football are just different than the rest of the country.  He’s probably been playing football on Friday Evenings and getting hammered the rest of the weekend since he was 14.  That’s not hyperbole, that’s just HS Football in Texas (and actually that was HS Football for me in NJ).  Get over it.

Listen, I get the concerns about Johnny as a football player and whether as a player he’s really good enough to be an NFL QB.  However, none of my concerns have to do with his partying.  Pro-athletes party.  They party in the off-season, hell they party during the season.  Oh wait, you’ve never seen LeBron at LIV during the regular season?  You’re nuts.  Johnny has a lot to prove on the field this year.  Most of the country can’t wait to see him set foot on the field to either light it up or get lit up.  However, I’ll promise you one thing.  He’s competitive as hell, and his partying will have zero impact on his play.  However, if you analysts want to pretend like you weren’t out partying than you’re all hypocrites and idiots.  It’s the summer, he’s 21, and he’s surrounded by his peers.  Hell for all you know he’s being a good leader and took his whole O-Line out to Vegas with him.  You know because O-Lineman never go to vegas (see Martin/Incognito case).

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