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“I got you stuck off the realness. We be the infamous, you heard of us. Official Queensbridge murderers.” How iconic are those initial lyrics? Yup, takes you back doesnt it? In 1995, Mobb Deep shook up the world with their second studio album, The Infamous. That album was a collection of raw, in your face, lyrical fury from Prodigy and Havoc, two twnety something emcees from Queensbridge, New York.  Their hardcore rhymes painted crystal clear pictures of life on the streets in Queensbridge. Their hip hop classic, “Shook Ones Pt. 2,” which happens to be today’s SOTD for Throwback Thursday is a straight up classic that can’t be duplicated. It’s got one of the illest beats in hip hop history and the verses that Havoc and Prodigy drop are loved and admired by all true hip hop fans. Mobb Deep has never been able to replicate the success of The Infamous. This album came out at a time where rap music reigned supreme and it really was a true survival of the fittest amongst the many strong emcees of that era, but no one will be able to forget the magic of “Shook Ones Pt.2” Remember, he ain’t a crook son…he’s just a shook one!




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