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In a few hours I’ll be leaving on an 6 city, 18 day trip to Brazil for the World Cup. The trip will blend culture, adventure, partying, art, and of course football (soccer for ‘murica). To be honest, I couldn’t be more stoked. I’ve been very fortunate (and have worked very hard) to have had the opportunity to travel as much as I have and the excitement of visiting a new place never dulls. I think the piece I wrote a few months ago begging people to travel does a good job of capturing the value I place on culture chasing. If you’ve got the bug to travel or have an upcoming trip please follow along on twitter or IG ( @jonesandb) or on our site for daily updates and info on the trip. Brazil is crazy enough any normal time of year, I can’t imagine what the next few weeks during the World Cup will be like; but it will all be recorded here, unedited and unfiltered.

However, before I sign off to catch my flight I wanted to bring up a new initiative I’m pioneering, the “1 for 1 Initiative”. As a blogger, I’m in a position where brands regularly send me product to review and keep. For my trip to Brazil, I was very fortunate to have Burton Snowboards, Reef, Huf, and Von Zipper send me a ton of gear to wear and use. But getting all this new gear, made me feel guilty. It made me realize how much stuff I already own. Clothes and things that, while not as new as the items I just received, are still in tremendously good condition. I just couldn’t go to an extremely impoverished country like Brazil, wearing all new gear I got for free while knowing how much excess I have at home. Why do I deserve so much? Because I write a blog? Because people follow me on IG? No, it’s not reason enough. So I started thinking of how it could do good on my trip, and I came up with the ” 1 for 1 initiative” #1for1.

1for1 means that for every item I get for free from a brand, I will give something of my own to charity. For this trip to Brazil I packed two bags. My small Oxbow duffle with my clothes (including all the gear I got from Huf, Burton, and Reef), and a blue suitcase with a mixture of my own clothes, shoes, boots, and jackets which I will give to shelters in Brazil throughout my trip. I will even be giving away that piece of luggage. It feels like the least I can do for being so blessed in life.

I hope that more bloggers and journalists and maybe even celebrities, all of whom receive so many items for free, will subscribe to the “1for1 Initiative”. I cannot thank Huf, Burton, Von Zipper and Reef enough for inspiring me to start this cause. We all have so much, the least we can do when we get something for free is give a little back.

Anyway, below you can see images of all the items I’m packing on my trip and the items I’m giving to charity. And hey, don’t think this is a sad thing. It’s an inspiring one. So go out, culture chase, travel, and if you have the opportunity, give back.










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