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Sometimes I’m just a sucker for a good melody and a nice lyric. Enter Colbie Calliat. This Californian chanteuse has been writing and creating catchy melodies and tunes since her debut album Coco in 2007. She didn’t break fully into the masses until a little duet she recorded with Jason Mraz called “Lucky” in 2008. Since then she has been releasing consistently strong albums and this week  released a new EP titled Gypsy Heart-Side A, which features today’s SOTD, “Try.” “Try” is a really beautiful song that really shows the maturity in Calliat’s songwriting and voice. She always sounds best next to an acoustic guitar. That is Colbie’s comfort zone. “Try” hits on so many levels. Calliat comes from a musical family. Her father, Ken Calliat co-produced Fleetwood Mac’s classic LP’s Rumours and Tusk. He would be very proud of his daughters efforts on this latest piece of work. Enjoy “Try” by Colbie Calliat and pick up Gypsy Heart-Side A. If you like quality music, you won’t be disappointed.




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