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Jack White is one of the most talented musicians out there today. he has been shredding guitars since he first came on the scene with the White Stripes in 1997. After ripping and rocking through that band he lent his talents to the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather. Both projects showcased White’s amazing musical talents. In 2012 White decided to go solo and dropped the awesome Blunderbuss LP, proving that he didn’t need anyone else to make intelligent soulful rock music. He could do that all on his own. This week, White dropped his follow up, the blistering Lazaretto, which is another dip into the mind and soul of Jack White. White is a master of making strong guitar rock, whether that is based in folk, blues, soul, or good old rock and roll. Today’s SOTD is one of my favorite tracks off White’s new album. It’s titled “Alone in my Home.” If you are a Jack White fan you will definitely be a fan of Lazaretto. Check it out and enjoy the weekend!

Here is a live clip of White performing “Alone in my Home” from an episode of Conan from this past week.



Belfort Eurockeennes Music Festival - Day 3


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  1. I love the way you can hear every nuance of every instrument on every track of both Blunderbuss and Lazzaretto. It reminds me of Niel Young’s Harvest and Paul Mccartney.s first solo lp

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