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Instagram Weekly Photo Contest

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“Boards on Boards”


“So the plan was to shrink @dsnakes and place him gently on the front of my board while I dump some #thane.” — Phranklyn Qee-ros

The words of a Gravity skate boarder extraordinaire. Capturing this epic moment in boarding history was a tall task, but baby, it got done. Today we salute the crazies who put it out on the line every time they ride. Whether it be thrashing through the gauntlet of hilly cement trails or in the board room wearing your power suit, leaving it all out there is a must. Ya dig?

Instagram photo contest, hashtag

The Soul Dynamic Instagram Weekly

is weekly series showcasing one dope Instagram pic, which we post here every Wednesday. All can compete, only one can win. Throw up the hashtag “#thesouldynamic” on Instagram to participate.

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