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Over the past couple of years, the BET Awards have become a pretty important bump on the entertainment circuit. Although they aren’t as large as the MTV Video Music Awards, they are creeping on them in terms of popularity and viewership. This year, the cable network snagged top notch comedian Chris Rock to host the show. Rock, is a beast on the mic and has previously hosted the Video Music Awards numerous times as well as hosted the Oscars. Scoring Rock was a big plus for the network. The BET Awards were live last night from the Staples Center in LA, and here is a recap of what went down.

1) Chris Rock Killed. Everybody was a target for the Bring the Pain star. He opened up with a bit about Jay-Z and Solange and went after Kevin Hart, Rick Ross, and Donald Sterling just to name a few. Rock doesnt care if he offends anyone and that’s why he is the truth. Rock kept the banted flowing all night long and gave everyone a good laugh. He is extremely authentic with his jokes and spot on with his delivery. And following in Ellen’s pizza delivery at the Oscars footsteps, Rock passed out Roscoe’s Chick and Waffles to some lucky guests.


2) Where was Drake? Drizzy is one of the BIGGEST stars in music today but was noticebly absent form last night’s show. This guy had a huge album this past year and should have been at the show. Would have been a nice ratings coup for BET. And his partner in crime Lil Wayne definitely could have used him on “Believe Me.”

3) Why are people still interested in Lil Wayne? This dude’s time in the spotlight is over. The Carter III was his high point. He seems to be that guy who is sticking around the party a little too long, no? The skateboard look is tired, and so is Wayne trying to rock with a live band. I don’t know. Maybe im being a little salty right now, but his performance did nothing for me.


4) Chris Brown is out of jail. Chris Brown made his highly anticipated return to the stage last night performing “Loyal” with Lil Wayne and Tyga. Love the song. But I’ve also had enough of C Breezy. He should be on an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, cause that’s where his true talents lie. Dude is an incredible dancer but an avaerage at best vocalist. He danced for a good 4 minutes straight last night and still got it. The pen definitely didn’t lock down C Breezy’s moves at all. But where is this guy headed? He keeps getting into troubles with the law and is skewing more hip hop then R&B which is a bad move for him. The Travis Barker move didn’t make any sense either. Which proves again that…


5) Chris Brown ain’t no Usher. Mr Raymond stole the show with a medley of his large collection of hits before jumping on the drum kit and breaking off into his latest single, “Good Kisser.” He dropped pieces of “Confessions,” “Yeah,” and “You Don’t Have to Call”  just to name a few. With Usher’s crisp dance moves and powerful vocals, he showed again that he is still the top dog in the R&B game.


6) Can John Legend sing on every song?  John Legend is in a class of his own. The guy just evokes smoothness with whatever he does. He chose to not sing “All of Me,” which I thought was a good move and instead performed “You and I” and dueted with the beautiful Jhene Aiko on her hit “The Worst.” Then he also sang a couple of songs in the Lionel Richie tribute. I was okay with him providing guest vocals for the entire show.


7) Lionel Richie’s catalog is ridic. Lionel Richie is a beast and a master of the art of songwriting. So many endless classic hits have come from the great songsman who is responsible for penning “Brick House,” “Three Times a Lady,” “Hello,” “Truly,” “Easy,” and “Dancing on the Ceiling,” with far too many others to mention. This powerhouse of American music definitely earned his lifetime achievement award and he’s on the road this summer to show you that he’s still got it.


8) Nicki Minaj’s set. What was that all about? Alice in Wonderland? Is Nicki getting all Miley Cyrus on us? I saw bunny rabbits in her performance. It was wack. Unnecessary for a powerhouse in the rap game.


9) Too many BET show stars that we have no idea who they are. Most of the presenters were C level actors and actresses that made me say, “who is that?” Many happen to be from some of BET’s signature shows and it seemed like everyone from the cast of Think Like a Man Too made an appearance. Cmon BET. You got Chris Rock to host. Get some more A listers to be there.

10) Robin Thicke needs to stop whining. Move on brotha. Paula is gone. She ain’t coming back. Stop dedicating albums and creepy videos to her. She don’t want you playa. Last night Thicke performed “Forever Love” and yet again made another public display of affection to his estranged wife Paula Patton. Patton has yet to comment or address Thicke publicly probably because she is being smart. Enough of letting the world get involved in their personal business. Robin, you were dumb enough to lose that in the first place. Just let it go bro. Crying for her on live TV isn’t going to make her comeback. Just sayin.


11) This has been the year of Pharrell Williams.  Not only did Pharrell’s “Happy” come up big a couple of times last night but he got to kick off the show with a blistering performance of “Come Get it Bae” featuring none other than Missy Elliot. Welcome back Missy and good to see Pharrell getting his just due. He’s been putting in work in the music game for a minute now. It’s good to see good things happening to a great guy.


12) When did Terry Crews get famous? This dude is everywhere. He seems to have bit parts in movies and TV shows all the time. Whether it’s Bridesmaids, The Expendables 2 and 3, Brooklyn Nine Nine, or others, we sure have been seeing alot of Mr. Crews. Maybe he’s trying to become the new Samuel L. or something. Who knows? But this brother is making sure he’s getting paid somehow.

13) The Kerry Washington/Kevin Hart bit was actually funny. I think Kevin Hart is a riot. Dude just makes me laugh. I’m not sure if it’s because its crazy that someone so small can be so loud, but he’s just mad funny to me. His opportunity to be Oliver Pope, the make believe brother of Washington’s Olivia Pope character on the hit show Scandal was pretty funny. Hart is great with improv and he played that bit off last night. Not sure how Kerry felt about it, but she had to laugh herself at it. Hart is a fool.

BET AWARDS '14 - Show

14) Can’t be a BET Awards without Jay and Bey.  Jay Z and Beyonce, the king and queen or urban music made an appearance at the BET Awards via Satellite last night. The two are in the middle of their On the Run tour which was in Cincinnati the other night and pre-recorded a clip of the two performing “Partition.”

15) Nicki Minaj throws shade at Iggy Azalea?  When Nicki Minaj won her award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist she said this at the end of her acceptance speech…”what I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is, when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.” Yikes Nicki. Who is all that hate mail being spewed at? Many say it’s Australian rapper Iggy Azalea who is dominating pop radio with two hit song right now, “Fancy,” w/Charli XCX  and “Problem” w/Ariana Grande. Is Nicki a little salty about Iggy’s success? Hmmmm. Stay tuned.

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