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After what has been a long journey today for U.S. Soccer in the World Cup, an event that ended in a loss, but brought us all closer together, we’re bringing back a short simple, yet potent mixtape from a couple years back. Happy. Birthday. America.

After 200 plus years and counting, we’re still here and as we get set to embark on another year of existence as a nation, it’s time to reflect on what makes us great.

Freedom. For the most part we’re given the choice to pursue what we want it, when we want it and how we want it done. It’s been written about often, but is a universal truth that never gets old — what other country has the “pursuit of happiness” written into law?!

For the next couple days celebrate your ability to make this life what you want and have fun in all your pursuits.

America, Fuck Yeah! | A Soul Dynamic Playlist

1. LCD Soundsystem | “North American Scum”

2. Bruce Springsteen | “I’m on Fire”

3. Green Day | “American Idiot”

4. Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean | “Made in America”

5. David Bowie | “Young Americans”

: The Clash “I’m so Bored with the U.S.A” | Neil Young “Southern Man” | Don Mclean American Pie”

Click Here or above to listen to our mixtape via Spotify.

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