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If you haven’t been to the La Roux party, I suggest you jump in line. La Roux is a British synth pop group that makes music we can dance to. They have a strong connection to the synth pop bands of the 80’s that dominated the pop scene such as The Human League, Erasure, the Eurythmics, and Depeche Mode. La Roux largely consists of singer, writer, and producer Elly Jackson and producer Ben Langmaid. For live performances the band has various other members to help round out their sound. But rumor has it that there was some tension within the band, and Langmaid is no longer performing with La Roux. Drama! As long as La Roux has Elly Jackson, they will be just fine. She is the real deal. La Roux is set to release their third album Trouble in Paradise on the 21st of this month. One of the songs off that album is “Uptight Downtown,” which also happens to be today’s SOTD. La Roux have released three singles off Trouble in Paradise to iTunes already. This song screams early Duran Duran to me and maybe that’s why I love it so much. (I am mildly obsessed with Duran Duran) La Roux’s new album is one of the more highly anticipated albums of the summer, so if the rest of the album is as good as the first three songs released then we are in for a treat. Enjoy “Uptight Downtown,” by La Roux.





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