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We have a legit three way battle going on for movie soundtrack of the summer. First The Fault in Our Stars came out, which is filled with great songs by Grouplove, M83, Charli XCX, Ed Sheeran, Birdy, and Ray LaMontagne, just too name a few. Then I saw Begin Again, which has amazing original music from Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, and the extremely talented Keira Knightley. But Zach Braff has done it again. The creator and miestro of the very musically seductive Garden State, is back with his new film Wish I Was Here. The soundtrack is loaded with original new music from Bon Iver, Coldplay with Cat Power Sun, and today’s SOTD artist, long time Zach Braff collaborators, The Shins. The song is called “So Now What” and it’s the perfect Shins movie song. First time I heard it, my initial thoughts were Garden State. Braff has the lucky pleasure of being in the “indie” scene so he gets artists to write and perform original music that fits in so well with the direction and concept of his films. Wish I Was Here, which is set to open on July 18, is about a father struggling to find his purpose of life at age 35, something that all of us middle age 30 somethings can relate to, and it stars Braff, Kate Hudson, Ashley Greene, Mandy Patinin, and the late James Avery in his final role. If the movie is anything as good as the music is, Braff is in for another successful hit.





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