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The Peach Kings+ Mojo Thunder + Kris Merc | The Friday Jumpoff

“A wild journey that explores vice, lust and self destruction.” — Kris Merc

It’s Friday and this Summer is in full spring. We hope your plans are to continue enjoying the hell out of it.

This week we hit you with another dope Tuesday Mixtape, inspiration and for those of you waiting on Jungle, that’s up tomorrow. For real.

Today we bring you a video from one of the hottest directors out. In the last two years he’s worked with De La Soul, Justin Bieber, CJ Fly and he’s coming up big once again with The Peach Kings, showing off his continuous versatility in the genre.

What does Merc think of all this? Well, we asked him:

“Mojo Thunder” is possibly the most personal thing I’ve worked on yet. I think moving forward the plan is to get more personal and strive to tell more interesting stories.”

If “Mojo Thunder” is any indication of his future, than his “more interesting stories” comment is an understatement that has us excited for what’s next.

Have a great weekend!

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