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Do not let the image fool you — this week’s mixtape has almost nothing to do with Beyonce. Almost, nothing.

We say this because Bee has inspired us as the poster woman for all that is great in fierceness, badassness and confidence. These qualities transcend genres, these qualities are the essence of rock and mother fucking roll.

We’ve assembled several of the deepest cuts from some of rock’s true legends to give you a few of the nastiest, gnarliest, most gangster guitar licks, riffs and build ups ever. WARNING: There lies a certain level of swag here. Come prepared. While they may not be the artist’s biggest hits, the power each of these songs brings will blow you through a day in the best way possible.

PHOTO CRED: Rob Hoffman

Bad Mama Jama | A Soul Dynamic Playlist

Click here or above to listen to our Mixtape via Spotify.

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