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Last night, OSU Linebacker Joshua Perry posted a photo on his instagram that shows his 2 year fitness transformation since arriving at Ohio State as a 4 star recruit.  I mention 4 star recruit because I want people to understand that this kid is a highly conditioned athlete and it STILL took him 2 years to make this progress.  Fact is, there are no real short cuts or quick fixes to making real body transformations.  They don’t happen quickly, easily or even linearly.  Yes, I said linearly, because you don’t always progress in every area simultaneously.  Sometimes to build muscle you need to put on a little fat (notice how Josh’s BFP goes up during his freshman year).  Then you can work on bringing your bfp % back down after you’ve made your muscle gains.  And yes ladies, if you want to stay lean and tight or as you all like to call it, “tone”, then you need to build some muscle.

The reason I bring this all up is because so many people seem to be hooked on these short-term fitness fixes that truly do not work and never see lasting results.  Juicing is great for you, but juice diets are shit and don’t really make you any leaner once you’re off of them.  p90x is a great fitness program, but after 90 days you can’t just stop working out.  At the end of the day, real transformations take time.  They almost always take more than 90 days and they definitely take longer than a blue print diet.  Find a way to create a fitness and nutrition plan that actually fits your lifestyle and you will see short term and long term changes that truly last.

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