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There might not be a better song out right now than today’s SOTD. I can’t get enough of Spoon and their latest single “Inside Out” which is a track from their latest albumĀ They Want My Soul that is in stores today. First of all, go buy the album now. Spoon is one of the best bands in music. They have been for quite some time. This is nothing new. Their ability to rock, while encorportating so many different sounds and styles is one of the best kept treasures in music today. Led by the fiery Brit Daniel, this Austin, Texas five piece has continued to dominate our ear drums with rock filled soul onĀ They Want My Soul. “Inside Out” is such a dope record. The groove in this song is like whoa! If you don’t start nodding your head immediately then you may have some issues when it comes to understanding good music. Please enjoy today’s SOTD, “Inside Out” by the extremely talented, Spoon.






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