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For THROWBACK THURSDAY I had to bring out a banger. After seeing this morning that the Wu-Tang Clan stopped by the Jon Stewart Show to discuss their new album titled A Better Tomorrow, which isn’t due out until November, discuss the 20 year anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang, their epic debut album, I had to make “Triumph,” today’s SOTD. I mean, I just had to. The 9 member collective known as the Wu-Tang Clan were all in the studio with Jon, minus ODB (RIP) and chatted with Stewart as well as performed a new single called “Ron O’Neal,” and dropped the legendary “Triumph.” After I watched that, I felt like it was 1997 all over again. I loved that record. I know every word to that song. It’s just classic material. So enjoy today’s SOTD for TBT, “Triumph” by Wu-Tang.




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