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What is just? What is fair? When are the lines so blurred that it makes the most reasonable stop and say, WTF?


Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick just got suspended four games by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Scandrick tested positive for taking MDMA, otherwise known as “Molly,” with a girlfriend while he was vacationing in the off season. Scandrick, like many other NFL players who have violated the league’s substance abuse policy got a four game suspension for their acts of NFL law breaking. Meanwhile, Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Ravens received only a two game suspension for knocking out his wife, then fiancee. I mean how is this possible? One can knock out a girl, and I mean cold-clock the chick, like Rice did, that the entire world saw on a TMZ video recording, and only get a 2 game suspension, but if  a player takes a party drug with their girlfriend it gets them four games? Which act is more severe? Which violation is a bigger problem? Janay Rice, his then fiancé, laid there motionless after Rice assaulted her. The scene was completely mortifying. The NFL continues to swear that they don’t condone domestic violence, yet the penalties that come from these heinous acts don’t seem to carry the weight that they should.

Ray Rice Press Conference

The Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington was banned for a year by the league for his violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. It was his second time testing positive. That supposedly is the reason that he received a year long suspension. But he didn’t get suspended for pleading guilty in April to aggravated assault towards the mother of his own daughter, who claimed she broke her collarbone when he shoved her down to the ground in a domestic altercation. I’m just confused why Washington wasn’t also suspended for attacking the mother of his child, like that act was ok. It’s never ok for a man to put his hands on a woman. Period. These NFL athletes are huge, strong, grown men, who I am sure were taught this at a very young age by their mothers. The rules don’t stop once you get rich and famous. Assault and battery is a major problem in this country and domestic violence is problem that continues to plague professional athletes. I just don’t understand how a league that is on top of the world in terms of popularity and publicity continues to act so stupidly about this very important matter.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has his hands full dealing with disciplinary actions of it’s leagues many members but he has to find some level of consistency when it comes to handing out punishments. Drug use is something that players willingly partake in. Scandrick knew he was taking molly. He was trying to have a good time. Players that get caught using pot or coke, know what they are taking. They enjoy that stuff. Players that use PED’s otherwise known as performance enhancing drugs, are making a choice to improve their performance on the field. The NFL is very competitive and contracts are not guaranteed, so I understand wanting to get that edge. However, athletes should be aware of what is being put into their bodies and if not, they should be checking before they allow themselves to be injected or take any substances that may be in question. I think that a player receiving four games for that is excessive. But sometimes the penalties just don’t add up. Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts got banned four games for taking fertility drugs. How are you going to suspend someone four games for trying to have a baby with his wife, yet if you knock out a woman out, you only get two games? Doesn’t add up right?


The NFL is losing a major PR battle with women. I know that the league can have players wear pink for breast cancer month, and make a cute statement that the NFL cares. But if they really cared about the welfare of women they wouldn’t allow one of their most highly profiled players to get off with only two games for knocking out his wife, yet give out steeper penalties for players choosing to take banned substances. It’s just not right. Women, are a very important part of the league’s success. Women work for the league in front of the camera and behind the scenes. They shouldn’t be subjected to a lower level of worthiness when it comes to their own physical well being. Wake up Goodell and start making the playing field fair. Other wise they might as well change what the NFL stands for to the Not-So Fair League.

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