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Nicki Minaj is trending world wide right now. So I had to make today’s SOTD “Anaconda,” the latest single off the next Nicki Minaj album titled, The PinkPrint, after watching the video hit the inter webs this morning. Nicki Minaj has been known as a dope lyricist since she came out with the Young Money camp in 2009. She has had major success as a rap and pop star over the past five years. She has switched up her style consistently to target a large audience of listeners. She even found a way to get herself at one of the chairs on American Idol. Even though that wasn’t the smoothest move, it only helped make Nicki’s star power grow. She recently made a movie with Cameron Diaz, “The Other Women.” She has publicly feuded with Mariah Carey, and has kept herself in the tabloids and headlines consistently jarring with other rappers, mainly Iggy Azelea. But after this new video, all people will be talking about is Nicki’s ass. Her very large derriere is on full display in the video for “Anaconda.” The song samples Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic hit “Baby Got Back.” And boy does Nicki show that she certainly has a lot of that in this video. She goes by the black Barbie and i’m sure her Barbs are fully loving this jam. Nicki even gets a little “Superbass” on this track when she spits fast rhymes before the chorus. The song does nothing for me, but the video is a must see. It’s a little explicit so parental discretion is advised. Let’s hope the rapping on Minaj’s next album is better than it is on this single. But damn Nicki, damnnnnnnnnn.





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