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The artist you’re listening to right now — in this moment, as your eyes are registering these words on your screen — was influenced by at least one of the bands on this mixtape. If not all of them.

Allow us to (re)introduce you to not only ourselves, but our baseline. And by baseline we mean the brothers and sisters who are the reason you loose your shit over Justice, Drake or Ariana Grande. Oh don’t jive with those cats? Hmmm, how about Future Islands, Haerts, Chromeo, AltJ, Grizzly Bear, Benjamin Booker, Flume, Nicki Minaj, First Aid Kit or Mr.Kendrick Lamar? For all of these musicians, the contents of today’s mixtape is what made them want to pursue music.

Here are 50 tracks from these artist’s first splash, big or small, into the music world. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere and it’s because of these individual’s: the Michael Jackson’s, Daft Punk’s, the Cure’s, Madonna’s and EMPD’s of the world, that music stands where it does today.

These are the artist who have shaped us, this modern generation. They’ve created side projects, subgeneres and supported new acts that are rocking out the scene today, but this is the group where everything your listening to comes from. To clarify, these are the current heavy weights of this current moment in time, of the generation of now. It’s important to keep this in context when listening, cause this is where we’re at, and where ever the next ultra mega super Star comes from, they’re getting there off the blood, sweat and tears of these galvanizing personalities:

Introduction | A Tuesday Mixtape

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