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My feet are still dirty, my left ear still deaf, and I feel like I’ve just aged 30 years — but damn was it worth it. Made in America you brought it again for the 3rd year in a row.

Let me start from the beginning. Saturday line up — DJ Cassidy, Chromeo, Baauer — all equaled a solid dancing day. I’ve never seen Chromeo live, but shit they were fun and everyone went wild for them. I was backstage for Baauer thank god, I think I would have been trampled if I was in the crowd. Definitely enjoyed his sound — but it made me feel a bit old.


Kanye was the headliner on night one and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Though I think Kanye talks a lot of shit and definitely bitches, his throwbacks had me moving. I have such a love/hate relationship with this guy though. His performance on Saturday was awesome but he stands for so much that I hate. How much better would the world be if a guy like that used his power for good? Sans that makeshift wife of his.

Sunday — first up on the main stage was Bleachers…damn children, that was good. Way better than I expected. Lead singer Jack Antonoff is also a member of Fun. — but I prefer Jack’s voice over Nate Ruess’s. Side Note: They are playing at Webster Hall tonight and I suggest everyone go. And bring your friends, we’ll definitely be there!


My favorite part of the whole weekend was when Bleachers first came on. People weren’t really gathering around the main stage yet because it was still early, but as soon as they started, fans came running. By the end of their show the crowd was packed!

Vacationer was another one that I didn’t expect — actually I was walking by the stage and was so intrigued by their music that I stopped and listened… to the entire set. Definitely going to explore them more. I was also able to catch the Brooklyn natives: Bear Hands — I liked them a lot even though it started pouring rain during their set. A little rain never hurt anyone.


Speaking of rain…we had a storm delay Sunday night (lightning was so crazy I thought Thor was going to pop out of the sky), but afterwards the artists still brought it. One after another after another. The night closed with an impressively killer line up — from Girl Talk, to Pharrell, right into Tiesto, then finishing off with Kings of Leon– the delay was forgotten about completely.

That’s what I got kids, if you were there hope you enjoyed the show.

I’m out. Need to check my hearing.

PHOTOGRAPHER | Cassie Farley

Bear Hands


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