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The lights were down, the disco ball was up, and shimmering lights dissipated through the danced floor. Everyone was standing around in their strategic space on the dance floor just waiting. All of a sudden the music came on and all you could see was the shadow of an afro and a pick in the distance. I danced through the crowd and got a closer look. He was wearing a black shirt and all you could see was a small red heart with an eye; the center of attention. QuestLove was on.


“Soul Train” was projected on screens throughout the dance floor and the bowling alley. Anyone who lost their rhythm could easily look up and imitate the professionals on the screen and come back to the moment. The 70’s were back and alive at “Brooklyn Bowl.” Vibrations were emanating from body to body. People were shaking, people were moving, people were feeling the soul. Couples were coming closer together and people were having competitions all around bouncing moves back and forth. Nothing was wrong and everything was right.


Truth, beauty, freedom, and soul were all of the emotions that QuestLove was projecting on the dance floor. What an amazing talent he has for bringing people together and creating a creative space that gets you going. This definitely brought our true selves out on the dance floor yet again! All worries were left behind and the dance floor was all we had right here, right now. I can honestly say that this is a dance party that cannot be missed.

Be one, be free, be QuestLove.

Photographers | Regina Morgan-Munoz + Rene Ramirez





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