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There they were, Dave Simonett, Tim Saxhaug, Dave Carrol, Erik Berry, and Ryan Young, standing side by side in a line with what seemed like nothing but their instruments to show the world. As the sets went on, their inspiration from Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Ralph Stanley became every so prevalent yet ever so distant. 



Seeing them in the raw with dramatic lighting I could see there was something so genuine and giving about them live that you don’t hear in their albums. They harmonize like none other because they all speak the same language, something so uncanny now a  days. They shred the banjo, mandolin, and fiddle whenever possible, and they keep the crowd going on and on ranging from slow to upbeat tempos.


In one set, all the lights were shining and in the most dramatic part of the song the lights dimmed and just focused on Dave Simonett’s voice. It was so beautiful and so crisp. Then “Alone” came on and reminded us how we all come in and out of the world alone, yet in between there is us. Couples held each other tightly and the crowd really had a moment to pause and reminisce. What an effect TBT has on people. Nothing like I fathomed but there they were. I could only help but think that there is something so beautiful about their sadness.


As the concert went on, more riveting songs came on. The crowd went wild. People were asking for more and howling all over like wolves under the moon. We felt the music shaking our bones. That’s the beauty about how music infiltrates the soul: it comes in, we feel it, and everything else is gone. This is how Trampled by Turtles made us feel. They let us be. 

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