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I know I don’t usually do throwback songs on days other than Thursdays cause I hate to break social media protocol. But after hearing this song randomly appear on my iPod this morning on my way to work I had to make it today’s SOTD. I don’t really know what happened to Keane, the English trio that had indie success in the states with their first couple of albums. I know that the band is still making music but nothing that they have released lately has come anywhere close to the fine work of their first two albums, Hopes and Fears and Under the Iron Sea. Today’s SOTD, is “Try Again,” a beautiful single from the band’s second album Under the Iron Sea. Some of the best music is made over a simple piano melody.  “Try Again” was created off that, as is the basis for alot of Keane’s music. Critics will say that the band is too sappy, an alternative Take That, or a band that wanted to be Coldplay to much. I disagree. Tom Chaplin, lead vocalist for Keane, has one of the purest voices in music. His tone is incredible. The chorus on this song gets me every time. Maybe it will get you do. Enjoy today’s SOTD, “Try Again,” from Keane.


Keane 1


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