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I love when new music takes over me. Hearing a new artist for the first time that you really like is one of those rare feelings that you can look back and appreciate over time. I felt this way the first time I heard today’s SOTD, “Mother & Father” by the New Zealand duo, Broods. Broods are a family affair. They are led on vocals by Georgia Nott, with older brother Caleb Nott on production and background vocals. They remind me alot of Phantogram, another guy/girl duo who create synth based indie music. “Mother & Father” is one of the lead singles off their debut album, Evergreen. The album is filled with catchy indie pop numbers that thump. Nott’s vocals are very sultry and smooth, and Caleb drops some pretty ill beats throughout the project that make for a pleasurable listening experience. Check out today’s SOTD, “Mother & Father” by the Broods.




broods evergreen

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