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Hipster. Hmmm, so many words!!! Come to mind. And I’m not going to use most of them.

Hipster today is whatever you want it to be brothers and sisters. Cocoa puffs cereal with your almond milk? Hipster. A Bastian and Falcor sighting before NOON? Hipster Gold son. Wearing your special Mister  “T”-Shirt on your way to la officina during the morning commute? Hipster. Hammerpants to go with dat frowhawk fade you’ve been rocking? Ohhhhh boy, you guessed it, hipster!

Whatever hearts and minds desire, it’s all hipster, it’s all kinds of real magic. Catch that Cowboy’s game Sunday night? Doesn’t matter, hipster (C’mon man, you know I hate the Cowboys). Whether you’re into Tony Romo unicorns or jettsetting to obscure, extravagant, lavish worldly destinations, we want to celebrate making your life what you want it to look like. Sometimes weird, often random, but always correct. Just like music. So today’s mixtape is all over the place: retro, indie, fresh, dancey house, not really old yet not terribly new, hip-hop and most definitely, magical.

FEATURING: Lowell, Yacht, Clutchy Hopkins, The Griswolds, Glass Animals, Big Data, Joywave, The Flexican & Sef, Odesza, Zyra, Death From Above 1979, alt-J, Robert Schwartzman, Tomas Barfod, L’Orange, Homeboy Sandman, The Juan Maclean, Limahl, Kill them with Colour.

Hipster Magic | A Tuesday Mixtape

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