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We began this week talking about “grinding,” talking about something we all must do everyday, love it or not. Ours is a grind as well. Everyday, every week, every year, at times struggling to get it all out there, to get everything done. Then we remember we do this because we truly care about pushing out genuine inspiration in the world. So we grind on.

Knowing that, the rest is gravy. Tuesday we dropped one of our best mixtapes yet, giving you a bit of that “Hipster Magic,” introduced you to the Irish band Walking on Cars, reviewed New York’s Global Citizen Festival and featured a dope pic of our Randal trucks with our brother in the fight to love life Phranklyn Quiros.

Today we’re bringing you new female artist, FEMME. She’s bold, she’s innovative and she’s going to blow your mind with her version of amazing! We had a chance to interview her this week and will drop that for you Monday.

Next week, along with FEMME, we have a lil James Murphy, Blake Mills and more for your music ear.

Enjoy the video and take a break from that grind this week (for a small while at least).

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