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Welcome to Prom Bitches

That’s how Charli XCX welcomes her fans to the party. And Tuesday’s rendition of the big dance took place at a sold out Webster Hall (Suckers). Remember though, girls should never go out alone. Knowing that, Charli brought along with her Swedish beat killer, Elliphant, and England’s newest pop sensation FEMME (Click here for our interview). For those of you who never went to prom, this badass crew of females show you how it’s done.


FEMME rocked the mic first, showcasing her wide octave range with an old school version of “Respect.” My first time seeing her perform, my debut notes: wicked fashion killa, voice that at times can shatter glass and dance moves born of the 90’s fly girls. Her dancers are called the “Bullet Girls” and after they were done singing the song “Educated,” the first phrase that came to my mind to describe their rhythms as a group were, #shimmyshimmybangbang. That’s the first and last time I write that. FEMME closed out with her new single “High” and rising hit “Fever Boy.” Crowd officially warmed up.


Holy Shit Elliphant where did you come from?! I said it’s Sweden people. Debut notes: more energy than all Kenyan marathon runners combined ever, swag on retard, natural born entertainer. Like a bat out of hell Elliphant took the stage like an angry prom queen runner up would, except without the anger. With the snap of a finger, she had the crowd dancing, shaking, clapping and wondering what she was going to do next. And up next was always banger after banger, as she mixed in bass dropping dubstep with major pop ruckus like a female version of Major Lazer, leaving the crowd asking what the fuck?! And having already collaborated with the likes of Diplo and Skrillex, it all adds up. Domination is imminent.


“Pussy Power” people, pussy fucking power. Again, Charli’s words, not mine. Merely reporting the seen and heard. Debut notes: Major Major force, off the chart sex appeal, the world’s resident prom queen. Charli XCX utterly destroyed it for close to two hours. The electronic synth pop star threw down hit after hit, from “Boom Clap” to “You – Ha Ha Ha” — Webster Hall’s Prom arguably was the best ever. No wonder it sold out. Just like the openers she brought along with her, the energy Charli performs with shines through till the end. Her voice is on point, her band is legit and the relationship between all of them erupts onto the crowd. Young or old, she’s got a track for you, not to mention dancing that’s NFSW, let alone real life. She’s in command of what she’s doing, the people love her, Charli’s the total package — but you already knew that. Here’s to the new generation of prom queens, they’re a boat load of fun.

Photographer | Katie Henry

Welcome to Prom Suckers

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