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The minute I saw the initial trailer for Sonic Highways, the new Foo Fighters HBO show, I was instantly hooked that I was going to dig this show. The premise, one of America’s premiere and strongest rock bands travel across the country to 8 different cities and record their latest album for their 20th anniversary, with each track being created in the roots of that city’s musical origins. It was a genius concept. First off, it was the brainchild of Dave Grohl, who I think is one of the smartest musicians ever. Not only does he write all of the songs and front the Foo Fighters, a band he has brought to superstar status over the last 20 years, but he was the drummer of Nirvana, who will arguably go down as one of the top 10 most important bands this world has ever known. Grohl breathes, shits, and sleeps music. Also I was pumped that the show was being done on HBO, who just knows how to handle documentary-style pieces with grace and dignity. I watched the first episode last night, which is about the making of today’s SOTD and the lead single off the new Foos album, Sonic Highways, called “Something From Nothing.” I was absolutely blown away. This song was made in Chicago, Illinois, the Windy City, home to Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and Cheap Tricks, three major influences of the Foo Fighters. The band, throughout several clips professed their love for the city of Chicago and Steve Albini’s signature sound. They recorded “Something From Nothing” in Albani’s famous Electric Audio studios. Butch Vig, a long time Nirvana and Foo FIghters producer, helped produce the track, which also features a couple of riffs from Rick Neilsen, the famous guitar player from Cheap Trick. It was great to see and hear these rock legends talk about their sound and their starts, and how they have had a major influence on the Chicago music scene as well as music in general. The show Sonic Highways will do this for each city that the Foos record in, and the viewer gets a shortened Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame history lesson for every hour episode. It is really brilliant television. At the end of the show, the band performs the city inspired single which will be on their soon-to-be released 8th record, Sonic Highways. “Something From Nothing” is an amazing song. Grohl’s lyrics are haunting. They appear in the video throughout the song, but one of the great things about the episode is you see how this song is formed from beginning to end. In a process that normally takes months, the Foos were spending a week creating each song from start to finish, mastered and all, and it’s a full on collaborative team process amongst the members of the band. The show made me want to be in a band again. “Something From Nothing” kicks major ass and I think everyone needs to be watching Sonic Highways on HBO. New episodes appear Friday nights at 10pm and the show is available on HBO Go. Sit back and enjoy the amazing video and song that is “Something From Nothing” by the Foo Fighters.







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