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Taking a trip down memory lane for today’s SOTD on this Throwback Thursday. Like many, I was blown away by Snoop Dogg’s debut record, Doggystyle, which rocked my world in November of 1993. Snoop was Dr. Dre’s protege, and he had been featured on Dre’s 1992 classic album, The Chronic, and on the underground hit “Deep Cover’ which was a collaboration between Dre and Snoop. From those two different projects I knew Snoop was an emerging force on the rap scene. He could spit. His voice was dope, and he was really likable. Enter Doggystyle and full fledged superstar status. Doggystyle was produced by Dr. Dre and featured so many bangers. One of those was a cover of a famous Slick Rick classic, “Lodi Dodi.” I love the original version of that song, but I am a huge fan of Snoop’s version. I decided to make that today’s SOTD because it’s such a fun-loving cover and a song when instantly heard brings a smile to your face. Within minutes you will be singing along to the words. Snoop just has that effect on us.




snoop dog cornrows


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