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“Shred Well Son”


“I don’t have many friends…But the ones I have are about as nutty as a squirrel turd !!! Shred well son.” – Rey Chambacu Lazaro Qee-ros. Your friends are the family you choose. And our unofficial West Coast skate corespondent Phranklyn’s fam is a direct reflection of him: Bold, fearless and down for all types of ill shit. The evidence is written all over his face, pure joy in that smile. If that isn’t living life to the fullest, find us something that is. We dare you!

Shred Well.

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The Soul Dynamic Instagram Weekly

is weekly series showcasing one dope Instagram pic, which we post here every Wednesday. All can compete, only one can win. Throw up the hashtag “#thesouldynamic” on Instagram to participate.

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