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In 2006, California’s Cold War Kids, made their name on the indie rock scene. Their debut album, Robbers & Cowards, was fresh and new. They had a certain style that was unlike anything else out at that time with that album.  I was initially intrigued by singer Nathan Willet’s distinctive voice. The band had soul, but also kept things a little off-kilter than your traditional four piece band. They would encorporate the piano. Their drum beats were varied. They made music that challenged my ears. They had vocal harmonies. They were fresh. Remember the first time you heard “We Used to Vacation” or “Hospital Beds?”  It was exciting. A couple of albums later, with a couple new members, Nathan Willet is still trying to do the damn thing with Cold War Kids. They just released their latest album, Hold My Home, last week, and the album features today’s SOTD, the thumping “Hot Coals.” This song is everything that made me like the Cold War Kids in the first place. It’s hard, aggressive, melodic, and a head nodder. The band lost its way in my eyes at their third album, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, but they have seemed to capture their magic back with Hold My Home. The songs have an edge to them and they are messing around with different song structures and sounds. Good chance you may hear another track from this album make a future SOTD date. In the meantime, enjoy “Hot Coals,” today’s SOTD by Long Beach’s own Cold War Kids.





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