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It shocks me that T.I. is only 34. I feel like he has been making albums for like two decades now. Maybe that’s because I feel old as shit these days. However real talk is the fact that T.I. has made nine studio albums, which is alot for any solo artist. NINE albums. T.I. spends time in the studio like Dunkin spends time making the donuts. And more impressive is the fact that he made all of those albums since 2003. Homeboy is on his JOB!!! Somehow, T.I. sounds as smooth today as he did in 2003 when he assisted on Bone Crusher’s single “Never Scared.” Since then, T.I. has been banging us in the head with many notable hits such as “Bring Em Out,” “What You Know,” “Why You Wanna,” “Big Things Poppin,” “Live Your Life,” “Whatever You Like,” “Swagga Like Us,” and now with “No Mediocre,” and today’s SOTD “Paperwork,” featuring Pharrell Williams. Pharrell and T.I. are no strangers to each other. They worked together on the mega successfull “Blurred Lines” track performed by Robin Thicke, where both artists made appearances, that just happened to be the song of last summer. “Get Lucky” has something to say about that) “Paperwork” is a laid back smooth track that shows both artists doing what they do best, T.I. spitting and Pharrell singing hooks. Pharrell pulls double duty on this jam also providing production duties. Song has the low rider feel to it. It’s a great song to take a drive to, with the windows down and not a care in the world. Enjoy T.I. and Pharrell on “Paperwork,” today’s SOTD.






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