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Never thought this mashup would happen…but super happy that it did. Anyone who reads Jones and B must know that I am kinda obssesed with the Haim sisters. I LOVED their debut albumĀ Days Are Gone, saw them numerous times live over the past two years, and just think they can do no wrong. There is something timeless about female vocals that can blend and harmonize well together. The Haim sisters are about that life!!!! So my favorite female group teamed up with one of the hottest EDM artists on the planet, Mr. Calvin Harris, for a banger off Harris’s latest albumĀ Motion. The track is called “Pray to God,” and it is today’s SOTD. I love this record. It has a slight 80’s feel to it. Very Pat Benetar-Stevie Nicks “Stand Back” feel to it. It’s aggressive and features mainly Danielle Haim’s vocals which are ridic. Este and Alana join in with background vocals. Harris is a master at collaborating with pop artists to create musical magic. Just look to his collabos with Ellie Goulding as a prime example. I’m sure “Pray to God” is going to get a ton of love once it is released mainstream. For now, enjoy “Pray to God” a new dance banger from Calvin Harris and Haim.


Haim, CD of the weel




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