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The quickie.

For years a technique both men and women have used to get in one last human joy ride before the shot clock of life runs out. #noviolationsplease

Here at the Soul Dynamic, we pride ourselves on pushing the best mixtapes out. Especially on Tuesdays. We’d just like to remind you, that in some ways we’re all the same, specifically when it comes to being busy.

So while we’re in the midst of the “Set-Up” (this is a phrase I just made up, meaning preparing) for the next epic playlist, today we’re going to bring you five new tracks in the spirit of both of us getting what we want. Us, a lil more time in our day. And for your lovely selves, fresh wax, cause everyday’s a brilliant day for that. Without further adieu (we know you’re in a hurry) we bring you the:

The Quickie | A Soul Dynamic Playlist via the Super Sound Clouder | FEATURING: P.Morris, BØRNS, Catching Flies,J-Dub, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars

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