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In my opinion, B.o.B. has had a pretty uneven carerr thus far. Bobby Rae Simmons, otherwise known as B.o.B. has been hustling in the music game since 2006.  He started out on the mixtape circuit. He released four mixtapes between 2007-2008 and appeared on tracks with T.I. He appeared on XXL magazine cover in 2009 along w Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, and Wale as Hip Hop’s Class of 2009. He broke through to the manistream with the song “Nothing On You” featuring an up and coming Bruno Mars. The song was a radio and club smash. It is one of my favorite records, and gave B.o.B. some credibility in the music game. On April 27, 2010 B.o.B. released The Adventures of Bobby Ray which also featured the singles “Airplanes” feat Haley Williams of Paramore, “Don’t Let Me Fall, ” and “Bet I” feat. T.I. and Pllayboy Tre. B.o.B. was living large after the success of that album, which he toured extensively for. But then B.o.B. has released two albums in my opinion that weren’t very good. First was 2012’s Strange Clouds, and then 2013 Underground Luxury. Not everyone can get into B.o.B.’s style of music which mixes different types of sounds that he’s influenced in such as hip hop, rock, and funk to name a few. Strange Clouds just didn’t do it for me. It kept that pop vibe going with songs like “So Good” that featured Ryan Tedder, and “Both of Us” featuring Taylor Swift. But nothing was on the same vibe as “Nothing on You,” the big hit off his previous album. B.o.B. did become a member of Grand Hustle, T.I.’s crew. Underground Luxury  was another disappointment for me. There were no hits on that album, and it seemed like a rushed project to me. This leads us to now. B.o.B. is back with a new single that brings him back to his comfortable rap/R&B roots. The song is called “Not For Long” and it features Trey Songz. This song has that “Nothing on You” vibe where I think Bobby Rae shines the brightest. He does best when he’s in that flowy/hip hop dance vibe, not where he is trying to explore avenues in rock like Lil Wayne did. That just doesn’t work for everyone. Kid Cudi dominates that scene right now, B.o.B. shines brighter when he’s in this lane. The hook from Songz helps out the track as well. If Bobby Rae can be more consistent with tracks like this, he may make major strides in popularity and credibility. Enjoy today’s SOTD, “Not For Long” by B.o.B. feat. Trey Songz.



Trey-Songz-BoB-Not-For-Long Trey-Songz-Not-For-Long



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