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POSSE CUT!!! You gotta love raw, fresh, and authentic posse cuts! Collabos are music’s version of the All-Star game, and they happen the most frequently in hip hop. Do you think that rappers on a posse cut or grouped collabo really care about the quality of the track or about who has got the hotter verse? It’s a legit question right? This is verbal sportsmanship at it’s finest. A posse cut is like a tournament where public opinion gets to decide the winner. Nicki Minaj, who is no stranger to hot verses on posse cuts (umm, hello, her verse on Kanye West’s “Monster” is one of the best verses of all time) takes lead reign on this track. She welcomes fellow Young Money label mates Drake and Lil Wayne to assist on this one, and gets Chris Brown to sing the hook. Not a bad collection of talent Nicki. I guess your Anaconda don’t play around. The song is called “Only” and it’s today’s SOTD. Minaj is clearly at the head of the class when it comes to female rappers who can spit. She continues to drop vicious bars and can hold stature with her male counterparts. I know everyone is in an Iggy Azalea kick right now, but she isn’t in the same playing field as Nicki. Not even close. Not sure who takes this crown on this posse cut. I’m going to go with Drake, but it’s close. Check out this cartoon lyric video for “Only,” today’s SOTD from Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown. Tell me who you think takes the cake!

"The Other Woman" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals




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