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There are exactly 17 days left until Christmas, which means I have 16 days before I will actually start my shopping. But for those of you who want to get a head start, here is my HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for New Moms, New Dads and The Tiny Human That Now Lives with Them.


FOR THE MOMS: This year was BIG for the new moms. I won’t go into the gory details, but remember the massive bird that sat in the middle your Thanksgiving feast last week? Yeah, well the special momma in your life pushed something that size out of her. So with that being said, they better be getting showered with some sweet gifts (and love, of course).

JEWELRY. Anything that sparkles is usually more than welcome, but here’s a more personalized idea. For about $50, you can head on over to Bip & Bop and get a hand stamped necklace with your child’s initial(s) or name(s). “The Gold Bar Necklace” is a popular style. It’s something simple that she will wear every day as a reminder of her little nugget. You will want to ask for a rush on the order though…normal delivery time can take around 3 weeks.


WARMTH. A new bundle of cuteness (you know, the baby) is THE accessory everyone wants to be wearing this season and The Booker Coat by B&Me will keep both baby & momma snug as a bug in a rug while running around town. This is a MUST. At $225, not only is this coat WAY more comfortable than any other fleece I have ever worn, but it is also insanely VERSATILE (and growing up in Fairfield County CT, I owned no less than 23 fleece jackets so I consider myself a connoisseur). Thanks to some strategically placed zippers, you can sport the coat while wearing your babe in a carrier (i.e. ErgoBaby, Baby Bjorn, etc), while pregnant, after gorging on an especially big meal…or on any other day that you don’t want to freeze your buns off. Grab the Bobby Hat too for $25 so you can keep baby’s head, throat, chest, and back of neck toasty too!


FOOD & SLEEP. Obviously the one thing ALL moms can always use more of is some good old R&R. Line up a babysitter (preferably a willing grandparent) and book a night of uninterrupted sleep at a local hotel. Kimpton Hotels are always a great option and can be found in just about every major city. These boutique hotels are trendy enough to make you feel like you can still hang with the cool kids, but won’t cost you your child’s future college tuition. PLUS they have a FREE WINE HOUR every night in the lobby. Score some extra brownie points and make a reservation at a restaurant that does not give out crayons or have a kids menu, grab tickets to a show/concert, and order breakfast in bed the next morning before heading back home to reality.



FOR THE DADS: I could argue that the dads already received the greatest gift in the world this year by handing over all the heavy lifting to the women, who incubated a child for nine months and then delivered it right into dad’s arms while sparing them any physical pain. However, the men endured their own trauma by way of the hormonal female freak show known as a pregnant/postpartum woman and so I suppose they deserve to be spoiled a little too. I asked my husband what HE wants (initial responses included “cash” and “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…ALL of it”), so this should be considered valid information since it came from an actual dude.

GOLF. Tickets to the U.S. Open to be exact. But if that’s too far of a stretch, maybe some new golf clubs/bag/whatever other accessories go along with that sport (so he can at least pretend he is at the U.S. Open).  And if golf isn’t his thing, then tickets to any sporting event that will get him out of the house for a few hours will do…baseball, football, basketball, hockey, rhythmic gymnastics.


ALCOHOL. More specifically, Pappy Van Winkle. If you can score a rare bottle of this whiskey, then consider yourself the winner of all gift giving from now until eternity. Game Over. Otherwise, check out your local liquor store for another good bottle of scotch/whiskey/wine/anything Ron Burgundy would drink, and maybe throw in a cigar too for good measure.


CLOTHES. Most guys LOATHE shopping. They would rather individually tweeze each hair off every inch of their body than spend a Saturday picking out jeans. That being said, do the work for them. Toss his ratty t-shirts from 1998 that are now covered in baby puke and give his wardrobe a boost. The real gift is that you spared him a trip to the mall. Nordstrom is always a safe bet to find GQ-worthy menswear and their customer service cannot be beat.



FOR THE BABY: If you have a baby under the age of one, let’s be serious, they will NOT remember anything from this year. But since you still want to get those cute photo ops on Christmas morning with your little babe lost in a pile of wrapping paper to post all over Instagram, then just do what we plan on doing…wrap up random stuff from around the house and/or empty boxes. Then channel your inner Martha Stewart and arrange them all neatly under your tree to make it seem like you really outdid yourself when you have people over. But if you need some other options to give Santa (aka the grandparents), here are a few things to consider other than anything/everything from Babies “R” Us.

SHOES. Oh your infant can’t walk yet? Doesn’t matter. Your kid NEEDS Freshly Picked Moccasins. These are the Christian Louboutins of baby footwear. They are super soft, will not fall off tiny feet and come in dozens of colors so chances are you won’t be able to pick just one. Some are Limited Edition though, so make sure to snatch them up before they are gone. Prices range from $45-$60.


KEEPSAKE ARTWORK. Your peanut may not be able to read their name for years to come, but it’s never too early to start obsessively trying to teach them. For only $25, Alphabitty will turn your baby’s name & birth date into a uniquely whimsical piece of artwork to hang in their room. Deadline for holiday orders is December 18 so don’t be like me and wait until the last minute.


TEETHING ACCESSORIES. All babies love shoving sh*t in their mouth…hands, hair, feet, toys, dog food, the actual dog itself. Throw on some fashionable and 100% baby safe Chewbeads and you’ll never worry about prying mom’s fancy necklace or dad’s chest hair from their tiny death grip. Prices range from $14.50-$19.50 for bracelets, $29.50-$36.50 for necklaces.



Hope this helps relieve some of your holiday shopping stress…and if not, hard liquor will usually do the trick. HAPPY SHOPPING FOLKS!!!

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