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It’s that time of year folks. A time to gather around Kristoph Cringle’s magical tree, spread joy to your loved ones and make lists. Lists for presents, resolutions and more importantly (the reason we put this one together) — celebrate the best of what the past 365 days gave to us. In our case it’s the best in music.

Our criteria? Possession of a pair of ears, being a contributor to the Soul Dynamic and submitting your faves. That’s it. We asked our writers to put together their own personal top 10 of 2014. In some cases there were repeats and songs that hadn’t hit the Spotify platform as of today. What we noticed? Drake, Tove Lo, Spoon, Flying Lotus and Run the Jewels killed it, with these artists standing out consistently across most lists. Either way you slice it, this mixtape is super eclectic, at times silly and a solid sample of what the year had to offer. And since we relaunched at Burning man, we thought it proper to bring that image back as the most appropriate cover art. Enjoy and finish it out strong.

The Best of 2014 | A Soul Dynamic Playlist

Click here or above to listen to our Mixtape via Spotify.

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